Sunday, July 8, 2007

Accident Prone...

Yesterday I woke up from a peaceful sleep in San Luis Obispo and began preparing myself for the day. We shook everyone from their slumber and began loading up the van. The whole time B was shooting tabs down from the second story with incredible precision, and actually made one into the passenger side window of a moving vehicle.

So then we left and got gas and I did the driving up to San Francisco. It wasn't bad... while most people slept I admired the scenery. I like it better every time I go there. We made it to SF with time to spare, so we went to have a BBQ in Golden Gate Park. I had delicious hamburgers and six layer dip and it was nice to fill up on good food before a show. At 6:00 it was time to leave for the Make Out Room, because we didn't quite know where we were going and the show started at 7:30 and we received directions from a drunk girl. We piled into the van, which Jake parallel parked with skill beyond his years, and began to pull out but hit a Russian woman's Civic! The ass of the car was almost two feet out into the street and it was parked unevenly, but we ended up taking out a headlight and leaving a bit of paint behind. This set us back about half and hour, and luckily EJ navigated us to the venue in reasonable time.

When we got there Sir Salvatore was waiting outside for us, and generously provided us with a giant parking space right in front of the venue. The stage was a double level thing, but I don't think I like being raised above the rest... it diminishes eye contact. We were kind of rushed along, so I wasn't happy at first, but then we got some drink tickets, made some money and apparently the crowd responded nicely towards us. I cheered up after that.

I slept in the van again last night. #2! I'm done for a while. Now we're all sitting in the living room of an apartment right off 19th street and we're thinking about leaving for some food. Bacon, egg and chee? Though I don't doubt I can find one... none compare to Philly!

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