Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunday June 24th

The first few days I've spent in San Diego so far have been both exciting and promising. Before I even stepped foot off of the plane we already had a van bought and (almost) ready to go, which was all of our biggest concern. Our first day of practice was the 21st, and as fumbled as it was, it remained fun. I think we all get together with this idea of what tour is going to be in our heads, and we kind of focus on that above all else. It's just this presence in the room, for me at least, that in a week we'll be heading out on the road to play more shows than any of us ever have before. There's so much potential for every emotion you could ever dream of that it's really hard to predict exactly what we're going to be experiencing. Anger, frustration, joy, anxiety, excitement... I think we're all concerned that maybe someone will end up in prison somewhere. As much as I'd hate it at the time, it would do nothing but pump more hot air into our story for when we get back, and for the rest of our lives. It feels incredible to start doing something BIG.

As far as things left to do? We've got plenty! We hit up a swap meet the other day to look for costumes, and instead bought a bunch of trinkets for ourselves instead of cohesive group things. I like the idea of decorating amps and personalizing your part of the stage... it gives people more to look at, and people like to look. I did get an extension cord, and a bundle of 100 of the most amazing incense to ever grace these nostrils (cinnamon!). I also got the tour book started, and as it continues to grow in pages my smile gets bigger and bigger.

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